Daniel Renaud



Born in 1964, he grew up in the Magdalen Islands. Daniel Renaud is one of those whose work and existence blesses the seal of his native land. Indeed, for this child of sea and shells, the world and things take on the color of its islands cradled with wind and the taste of salty air.

In addition to his Madelinot heritage, Daniel receives from his carpenter father, a gift of great value. Indeed, from the work of his father, he will remember from his childhood that it is possible to give things the forms they take in our imagination. Very early, Daniel's taste for creation led him to perfect his artistic knowledge. He studies drawing, painting, watercolor and low relief sculpture. A few years later, he discovered his artistic universe in alabaster stone. This is how dust and wood chips soon mixes with stone dust in the paternal workshop. From exhibition to exhibition, he has not ceased to illustrate himself for his magical way of awakening the soul of his beautiful islands.


Known for its wide variety of colors, the alabaster stone of the Magdalen Islands is truly the creator's source of creation. More colorful, more opaque than the one found in Italy, it is found nowhere else.

When he executes and conducts a piece, the artist listens to the message of the stone. This one, he says, reveals the lines, currents and tides. Unpretentious but with a lot of conviction, rarely with a break, he gently removes stone dust on stone dust to bring his work to life. In his work, located halfway between figurative and stylized, Daniel Renaud remains present and current. At the same time that he tames the simplicity, the artist astonishes by the richness of his creations and gives us a little of the treasures that the sea has buried in the stone.