Galerie d'art La Baraque

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André Dorais 



André Dorais designs and manufactures stylized jewelry boxes with unusual shapes! Each creation is unique and showcases exotic woods that seduce at first glance! André's work is full of imagination and is created with playfulness and a very well-mastered technique. 



Coco Lampe is born from the saying 'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'. During an attempt to bring light during an ice storm, appeared the first liquid paraffin lamp made from a real duck egg! The Coco Lamps are still made today with real hand-painted duck and goose eggs. 

Rachel Drouin Création


From a traditional material are born modern creations. Seal's fur, by its beauty, its thermal qualities, its durability and its availability, inspires a variety of products. Respect for the material encourages the artist to use almost 100% of the fur, creating accessories with the smallest waste!

Appâts à Sourires


Attracted by something different but also decorative? We understand you so much! Come and discover these original, unique and timeless pieces! These cushions have playful patterns, are attractive to the little ones and comfortable for adults! Placed on your couch, they are beautiful on their own or with others!


Each hand-made Inukshuk is unique in its shapes and colors with its natural stones. By its meaning (replacing the man), the Inukshuk becomes a language that indicates the best route to follow. Symbol of strength and independence, the inukshuk will serve as a guide.